Houston Social Security Disability Attorney

We represent individuals seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. We can assist with initial applications or with claims that have previously been denied.

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A local, trusted, experienced SSD and SSI lawyer Serving Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas

We’re Local and Responsive

We guide clients throughout every step of the appeals process, including reconsideration, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings, the Appeals Council and federal appeals.
Our Houston Social Security Disability lawyer represents children and adults with a broad range of disabilities, including both physical and mental conditions. We are focused on providing personalized legal service and counsel tailored to their unique needs.

Handling Social Security Cases Since 1991

Attorney Dopkin has been focused on SSD and SSI claims since 1991. During this time, he has handled more than 5,000 cases.
He understands the challenges clients face, the steps, and evidence necessary to obtain SSD and SSI benefits, and the concerns of his clients, such as:
  • Should I work while receiving SSD or SSI benefits?
  • What if I cannot afford a doctor during the appeals process?
  • How can I collect benefits for chronic fatigue or other hard-to-measure symptoms?

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