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October 2016 Archives

SSD benefits can be a backstop when illness strikes

Too many people throughout the U.S. are hampered by illnesses. Medicine and lifestyle changes can enable many of these people to minimize the effects that these conditions have on their daily lives. For some, however, their illness is disabling and touches on almost every aspect of life, including their ability to work.

Many Americans rely on Social Security benefits, including SSI

Nearly 66 million Americans receive Social Security payments, and Houston has its fair share of beneficiaries. While most people might think of Social Security primarily as a retirement benefits system, it also has other programs that serve crucial functions.

Some of the misunderstood facts about mental illness

In today's world, where people have an abundance of ways to connect with each other, some people may be tempted to overshare every little detail of their lives. Social networking websites and smartphone apps allow people to share photos and commentary about everything, from their political views to what they ate for breakfast. Despite the ease with which information can be shared, some subjects are still very difficult to talk about. Mental health is one such topic, which results in many misunderstandings about mental illness.

Is the most common work-related injury covered under SSDI?

Many people in the Houston area know what it's like to work in jobs like construction or manufacturing, where they are exposed to certain dangers on a daily basis. Dealing with, or trying to avoid, occupational hazards is a way of life for many workers. Ultimately, however, millions of people end up suffering injuries while on the job. Among these injuries, hearing loss is the most prevalent.