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November 2016 Archives

Many different kinds of injuries can result in lost wages

Workers in Houston can suffer any of a multitude of injuries while on the job. Back injury, for example, is something that can plague workers in just about any industry, from oil and gas to construction or manufacturing. But even people who work white collar jobs could end up with a disabling back injury just from sitting at a desk for long periods on a daily basis.

What happens when a youth receiving SSI benefits turns 18?

When a Houston resident who has yet to reach legal adulthood is receiving Supplemental Security Income, it can be worrisome as to what will happen when he or she turns 18. Understanding what happens in these circumstances can help to assuage these concerns. The first thing to recognize is that there are factors that are key to continuing to receive benefits.

What are the requirements for intellectual disability benefits?

Millions of people in the United States have mental conditions that affect their lives. Like any other health problem, the type and severity of a person's mental condition determines how big of an impact it will have on that person's life. If a mental condition is severe enough, it can prevent the person from taking care of themselves, in which case they may be able to get help through a mental disability claim for Social Security benefits.

SSD benefits set to rise next year, but barely

Millions of people rely on Social Security Disability benefits to pay their monthly expenses because a physical injury or mental condition prevents them from working. People in Houston who receive SSD benefits are probably aware of how the government's cost-of-living adjustments can affect their monthly payments. Recently, the federal government released the adjustment figures, known as COLA for short, that will kick in next year.