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December 2016 Archives

Rules for those receiving SSD benefits on behalf of children

A Texan who is receiving Social Security disability benefits on behalf of a child must be aware of certain requirements the Social Security Administration has in place. At the time the child turns 18, the benefits will stop the month before except in cases in which the child is disabled or is a full-time student at an elementary or secondary school and is not married. Approximately three months prior to the child turning 18, the SSA will send a letter to the caretaker to explain how the benefits can continue. The child will also receive a letter as well as a student form.

How long is the wait to get SSD benefits for an injury?

A person's inability to work due to a work-related injury, or even an accident injury outside the workplace, may qualify the person for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. When the injury is severe enough that the person will be unable to work for an extended period of time, SSD benefits can help him or her cover medical expenses and other normal living expenses. But what is the typical wait time to secure these benefits?

Does workers' compensation affect SSD benefits?

Texans who are injured, ill or suffer a condition that makes them eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits but are also receiving workers' compensation or other disability payments need to be aware of the rules for how this might affect those benefits. If there are payments from a private source like insurance or a pension, it will not have an influence on SSD. However, if there are workers' compensation benefits or other forms of public disability, it might reduce the amount the claimant can get through Social Security. Veterans Administration benefits, state and local benefits and Supplemental Security Income cannot be reduced.

Certain health conditions qualify for expedited SSI benefits

Like Social Security Disability (SSD), the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is designed to help people who are unable to earn enough money to support themselves. One difference between the two is that SSI benefits are for a more specific group of people who have very limited financial resources, and who have blindness, certain disabilities, or who are 65 years and older. But just like SSD benefits, people who qualify for SSI cannot necessarily get their benefits right away.

Can veterans qualify for SSD benefits?

People in Houston who are disabled and cannot earn enough to pay their monthly expenses may look to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for help. Many of these people can also qualify for various other benefits through the State of Texas or through the federal government. However, some people may wonder whether they can receive SSD benefits along with benefits from any of these other programs.

Will my SSI benefits be affected by purchasing items to work?

Houston residents who receive Supplemental Security Income are often confused by the various rules and regulations that determine whether they can keep their benefits in certain circumstances. For example, many people who receive SSI-related benefits also work, but require items or services to make that possible. With that, they will wonder how the expenses to purchase these goods and services will affect their SSI. People in this situation need not worry. In the bulk of cases, any out-of-pocket costs to help a person who is disabled and is receiving SSI will have the costs deducted by the Social Security Administration.

How does having a representative payee affect SSI benefits?

Texans who are receiving Social Security disability sometimes have what is known as a "representative payee" who will manage the money. This must be fully understood in several contexts such as how it influences the individual and what those who get Supplemental Security Income are required to do based on it. In general, the Social Security Administration will decide that a person needs a representative payee if there is information indicating that he or she will need assistance in managing their money.

Health insurer's report shows prevalence of mental disorders

Mental health is a vital component of living a balanced and productive life. Although it can be easy to take good mental health for granted, most people in Houston can probably still appreciate just how important mental health is to their daily lives. On the other hand, what may not be as obvious is how many people in the country suffer from mental illness or disorders.

Planning for the financial impact of cancer in Texas

When a person in Houston finds out that he or she has been diagnosed with cancer, treatment options and survival are probably the immediate focus. As the individual begins dealing with the disease, however, other concerns may arise. In particular, the patient and his or her family will likely have to deal with substantial medical expenses. Likewise, cancer prevents many people from working, which means lost income in addition to their treatment-related costs.