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February 2017 Archives

We help Texans with severe back injuries get benefits

Those who have never suffered from a "bad back" might not realize how seriously debilitating a back injury can be for a Houston, Texas resident. Although the severity of back injuries vary, the more severe injuries can leave a Houston resident unable to work even in an office environment, that is, of course, assuming the end result of the injury is not paralysis.

How a freeze on federal hiring affects SSDI applicants

Suffering from a disabling injury or illness can be life changing. You might go from being a fairly healthy, independent person to being someone who needs powerful medication, ongoing care and lifestyle accommodations, which can be incredibly difficult to cope with.

Illnesses that are difficult to diagnose can still be disabling

The medical field has seen incredible advancements and discoveries in recent years. However, many conditions continue to stump medical professionals and elude diagnostic efforts.