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June 2017 Archives

Disability benefits for a minor child

As this blog has discussed, Social Security disability benefits very helpful to Houston, Texas, adult residents who are not able to work due to a disabling illness or injury. The monthly benefits are often a financial lifeline that, with other income sources and benefits, can keep a disabled person afloat financially.

We can help disabled Texans with hard to measure injuries

Some of the toughest injuries to handle in Social Security are ones that do not have any obvious visible symptoms. One common example of this type of injury is a back injury which does not affect the spinal cord or otherwise manifest itself visibly. However, a person can still be in severe pain even in the absence of any physical symptoms.

Repetitive motion injuries and Social Security Disability

Although some might naturally think of a work-related injury as the result of a one-time accident or other occurrence, many Houston, Texas workers, as well as others, may suffer from one of many types of repetitive motion injury. Like most other injuries, Social Security disability benefits may be available so long as a victim can meet the federal requirements in place.

As new rules take hold, some worry SSD backlog will increase

A previous post on this blog talked a new rule issued by the Social Security Administration which would have potential impact on those applying for disability benefits in Houston, Texas, as well as in other parts of the country. Basically, the rule ended the practice of the Social Security Administration's giving heightened credibility to a Social Security Disability applicant's treating physician about the applicant's disability.

What you should know before filing for SSD

Suffering a permanent disability may limit your ability to earn a reasonable income. For example, if you have severe fibromyalgia that prevents you from working, you may have trouble meeting your living expenses. Fortunately, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD). However, filing for these benefits can sometimes be difficult and confusing.

Get help with depression and other mental illnesses

A previous post on this blog discussed how Houston, Texas, residents can get disability benefits for any number of mental health conditions, including clinical depression. However, that same post also talked about some of the complications Texans can face when trying to prove a disability claim for depression, is it takes a lot more than simply informing the Social Security Administration that one has been diagnosed with the condition.