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November 2017 Archives

Some information needed for a Social Security disability claim

Social Security disability is a program that helps Houston residents and other American workers when they are unable to earn a living due to a disability. Some Houston residents also have short-term or long-term disability insurance with private insurance carriers. Are the requirements for private disability insurance the same as for Social Security Disability? This blog post will provide a brief answer to this question.

What are the wage reporting requirements for SSI benefits?

People in Texas who meet the income and disability requirements to get Supplemental Security Income might still have the ability and desire to work. Since SSI benefits are based on the needs of the person receiving it and they must be disabled, blind or 65-years-old or older, it is important that a working person who gets SSI reports his or her wages to the Social Security Administration every month. This is referred to as monthly wage reporting. It is a vital part of SSI for people who work.

Social Security disability versus Supplemental Security Income

It's reasonably well-known that Social Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income are federal programs that help people living with disabilities that make it impossible for them to work. Many people in Texas may not be aware of the differences between the programs. How does SSD differ from SSI? This blog post will provide some information on the similarities and differences between the two programs.

We've helped many secure SSD benefits for illness

While many people think of injuries as the primary cause of disability, illnesses also cause disability for many people in Houston. When many people in turn think of disabling illnesses, they may think of maladies striking older people. But disabling illnesses can happen to people in all stages of life.

What are the most frequent causes of disability?

Texas workers generally hope to stay employable and healthy for as long as possible, but sometimes the symptoms related to illness and injury lead to a disability that cannot be overcome. If you become disabled by a serious ailment that prevents you from working for longer than a year, you can pursue a disability claim and possibly qualify to receive Social Security disability payments.

Basic information about Social Security Disability benefits

Did you know that statistics indicate that a 20-year-old American worker has a one in four chance of becoming disabled before reaching their full retirement age? As a society, we have chosen to provide assistance to disabled workers through a government-operated insurance plan. This insurance plan is called Social Security Disability, and the program is administered by the Social Security Administration, the same government agency that oversees Social Security old age benefits. This blog post will provide some basic information about Social Security Disability benefits.