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December 2017 Archives

Appealing the denial of your Social Security Disability benefits

You've endured a major injury or a catastrophic, chronic illness. Now you're struggling with daily self care and find yourself unable to return to the same line of work you previously knew. Due to your chronic condition or injury, you and your doctor both know that your mobility and ability to work will remain limited for the rest of your life.

Helping you complete SSD application for mental conditions

The term disability causes one to think of a wide variety of situations. For many, they think of physically disabling conditions a person is either born with or acquired later in life due to an injury or illness. However, many disabilities are not easy to spot. Some individuals suffer silently because they are living with a mental condition. Thus, whether a disability is apparent to the naked eye or not, individuals living with disabilities often struggle to live their life and meet his or her basic financial needs.

Depression, bipolar disorder may make one eligible for SSD

Large numbers of people in Texas live with mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. Many of these people are able to manage their symptoms so that it does not interfere with their ability to earn a living. But what if a person finds that they are not able to work because of depression or bipolar disorder? That person might want to seek Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions.

We can help navigate the rocky road to possible SSI benefits

Supplemental Security Income is a program that helps many disabled people with low incomes and few resources. The program is available to many people, including those who are not eligible for Social Security disability benefits because they do not have the requisite work history. The funds for SSI benefits come from the U.S. Treasury instead of from the Social Security trust fund.

Requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits

Supplemental Security Income is a program administered by the Social Security Administration and is available to individuals who meet the program's eligibility requirements. This blog post will give a brief description of the program requirements for Texas residents and others.

Mild traumatic brain injuries can result in permanent disability

There are many kinds of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), ranging from mild to severe. In some cases, TBIs are fatal. Severe TBIs can also cause major symptoms, ranging from a change in personality to issues with motor function, memory and even basic self-care. Mild or moderate TBIs can also result in a host of serious symptoms, even if their name implies they are of less concern.