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July 2018 Archives

Social Security Administration: Long waits a problem for disabled

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, one of the questions you may have is how long it will take to get SSD. Initially, the Social Security Administration claims an average of three to five months to get a decision on your case. The reason for a variance in the length of time it takes is because of the wait for medical records, evidence and any other information needed to make a decision on your case.

Paralysis and an applicant's eligibility for disability benefits

The Social Security Administration offers two benefits programs that can provide much-needed assistance to men and women who have qualifying disabilities. The key to securing support from these two programs, which are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, is proving that the applicant's condition is a disability as recognized by the Social Security Administration. Texas residents who suffer from paralysis may be able to demonstrate their compliance with this definition and receive the help they need when their ailments prevent them from working.

What is a Quick Disability Determination?

When a Texas resident becomes unable to work their income may come to a stop. However, that does not mean that their mortgage, bills and other financial obligations will also cease. It is when a person lacks the capacity to work and their expenses begin to mount that they may run into significant financial hardship.

We can help fight for your benefits when you are sick

The human body is a marvel. When a Texas resident considers all of the incredible things that their body does on a daily basis it may seem amazing that humans thrive as strongly as they do. However, when things go wrong with a person's body, it is possible that every aspect of their life will be affected.

Some applicants wait 2 years for Social Security Disability

For those with a disability, the Social Security Disability program may be the only financial lifeline available. Whether a disability is related to an injury or an illness, it generally precludes someone from working a job. In some cases, disabilities can even prevent people from providing for themselves when it comes to daily care, such as eating, getting dressed or taking a shower.