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August 2018 Archives

Obtaining SSDI benefits for hearing loss

Loss of hearing is common in today's industrial world. Many loud noises are common in Houston's overall environment. Jet liners, truck engines and many industries, such as metal fabricating, mining, drilling and construction, generate noises that can damage a person's hearing to the point where the impairment may constitute a compensable disability under the Social Security Disability Insurance Act.

Will a consultative examination be needed for my SSD benefits?

Texans who are injured or have a condition that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits must remember that there are many factors the Social Security Administration must consider before granting an approval. If there is the need for more information or a step is not followed, the applicant could be denied Social Security. For some, there could be the need for a consultative examination to help the SSA come to a decision on whether to provide SSD benefits or not. Knowing when this might be needed and what it entails is a key to a case.

With SSI benefits, what will not be considered as income?

Houston residents who are seeking Supplemental Security Income should understand the requirements from the start. To even be eligible for benefits, the person must be blind, disabled or at least 65-years-old and have limited income and limited resources. Regarding income, the Social Security Administration will want to know what income the applicant gets and where it comes from. There are certain sources of income that will be exempt from consideration as the applicant's income and eligibility are assessed.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for depression and related disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder afflict many people in the Houston area. In the more severe cases, persons with the condition may not be able to work or lead normal lives. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available if the conditions of the illness are especially severe.

Do workers' compensation benefits affect SSDI benefits?

Many people in the Houston area have injuries that limit their ability to earn a living. Some are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, some are eligible for workers' compensation disability benefits and some are eligible for both. Sorting out the differences between SSDI benefits and workers' compensation benefits is often a complex tax requiring the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.