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September 2018 Archives

Understanding the relationship between SSDI and work credits

Both Social Security retirement and disability benefits depend upon how many work credits have been accumulated by the claimant. Both programs require a minimum number of credits before a worker is eligible for benefits.

Can you get Social Security Disability benefits for fibromyalgia?

People with health conditions that are not visibly apparent can have an uphill struggle for others to recognize their legitimate pain and/or limited abilities. Strangers they encounter, friends and even some family members may doubt the extent of a person's condition simply because the symptoms aren't readily identifiable to others.

Back injuries and SSDI benefits

One of the most pervasive causes of disability for Houston residents is a back injury, especially a lower back injury. The Social Security Administration recognized back injuries as a cause of disability, but the requirements are strict, and, like other disabling conditions, must be proven by creditable medical evidence.

Understanding the SSDI decision process

Many Houston residents find that applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be a daunting. The social security disability review process involves the analysis of extensive medical information, review of employment records and evaluating the information in light of the claimant's past employment history. Familiarity with the process can make seem less overwhelming and can increase the likelihood of an application being approved.

How does the SSA define 'disability' under the SSDI program?

Many Houston residents who suffer a disabling illness or injury want to know if they are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The answer depends upon the severity of the disabling condition and its expected resolution. The Social Security Administration or SSA, the federal agency that administers the SSDI program has established several important criteria that must be satisfied before a person can receive disability benefits.