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January 2019 Archives

Obtaining SSD benefits for diabetes

Many people in Houston suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes was formerly known as "juvenile diabetes," and Type 2 was called "adult onset diabetes." Most people who suffer from either disease find that the illness can be controlled with regular doses of insulin and necessary changes in diet and daily routines. Unfortunately, some people are unable to achieve successful management of diabetes, and they may face a lifetime of limited activity and inability to engage in substantial gainful activity. Persons in this last category may be able to apply for Social Security disability benefits for illness depending on the severity of their diabetes.

What is the 'Compassionate Allowance' disability program?

People living in Houston who have applied for Social Security disability benefits may have experienced a significant delay in receiving a decision on their claim. Moreover, sometimes their initial claim is denied, necessitating an appeal. Some may feel that such a system can hardly be called "compassionate," but the Social Security Administration has attempted to inject a small amount of compassion into the claims process by identifying diseases and medical conditions that fall squarely within the definition of totally disabling conditions. A person who is diagnosed with such a disease is most often given swift consideration and approval of their disability claim.

When does arthritis qualify you for Social Security disability?

Arthritis is one of several well-known diseases associated with aging. Arthritis is actually a broad term that refers to painful inflammation of the joints. People can experience it in any joint of their body, from their wrists and fingers to knees and hips. Arthritis can be quite painful and even debilitating as it progresses.

Disability benefits for panic attacks

Anyone who suffers from panic attacks faces a double burden: the attacks themselves can be terrifying, and they often prevent a person from functioning in a job, a relationship or both. Modern psychiatry has developed many techniques and medicines for helping persons who suffer panic attacks, but the medicine is not perfect. Many people living in Houston still suffer from panic attacks that are severe enough to interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. Fortunately, panic attack sufferers may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits for their condition from the Social Security Administration if they satisfy the regulatory criteria for eligibility.

Disability benefits for a terminal illness

Anyone who receives a diagnosis of terminal illness, or has a loved one who has received such a diagnosis, usually is not very interested in the financial aspects of the illness and the expected death. Nevertheless, many Houston residents can obtain significant financial assistance from the Social Security Disability Insurance for illness program even while the illness progresses.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for a traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries can be life changing events. Houston residents who have suffered such injuries are often unable to work even after the injury has healed. A common question from victims of these injuries is whether they are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. As with many serious injuries, the answer to this question depends upon the nature of the injury, its effect on the victim's ability to work and the prognosis for future recovery.