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April 2019 Archives

How do workers' compensation benefits affect SSD benefits?

Many people in the Houston area who are receiving workers' compensation benefits may wonder if they can apply for Social Security disability benefits as well. This question is most commonly asked by people who have received a high disability rating on their workers' compensation claim and who may be facing a substantial reduction or elimination of future income.

Common misconceptions about claiming disability benefits

If you are unable to work because of your disability, you will need to take action in order to claim disability benefits in Texas. Doing so will help you to support yourself and your family financially. However, many people have reservations when filing for disability. This is often because of things they have been told by others about the process.

Understanding the Ticket to Work program for SSD benefits

Most people in the Houston area who are receiving Social Security disability benefits would love nothing more than to regain the ability to work and to earn a steady income. Some individuals suffer from disabilities, such as paralysis or blindness, that plainly preclude their return to work. Other individuals, however, have conditions whose disabling effects may be reduced or minimized by rehabilitation and counseling.

Understanding the SSA definition of disability

Many people in Houston who suffer from a serious illness or injury are uncertain if they are eligible for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. They may understand that total disability is a prerequisite for receiving such benefits, but they may have only a vague idea of how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines that term. Fortunately, the SSA has adopted regulations that provide a precise and comprehensive definition.

SSD benefits for children who suffer mental retardation

Parents of children in Texas who are afflicted with limited mental capacities often wonder if their child might be eligible for Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration runs several programs that provide financial benefits for children who suffer from conditions such as Down syndrome, mental retardation or other conditions that severely their ability to function at work or in society.