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May 2019 Archives

What are Quick Disability Determinations for SSD benefits?

Readers of this Houston-based disability benefits blog may know that it can sometimes take a long time for individuals who qualify for Social Security disability benefits to be approved after they have submitted their applications. When questions arise or delays happen, individuals may find themselves waiting months or even years to learn if their claim for benefits has been accepted. During that time they are likely missing out on the financial support they require to live independently and at an adequate standard.

Depression may be considered a disabling condition

From day to day, a Houston resident may experience a range of strong and sometimes controlling emotions. When something goes wrong at work, they may focus on their worry and concern over making things right. When their child reaches a milestone or attains a new skill, they may ride a wave of happiness and relief. For most people, emotions are something that come and go and that do not possess them to the point of missing out on life.

How to qualify for Social Security disability

Social Security disability benefits can provide a vital lifeline to disabled individuals in Texas and across the nation who are unable to care for themselves or their family because of their disability. As a result, disabled individuals should understand how to qualify for, and apply for, Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

We help Houston residents seek SSD benefits for fibromyalgia

When people think of illness and their job, people usually think of getting ill and having to take a day or two off work. This could be economically problematic depending on if an employee has sick leave. But what if an employee has a chronic condition that makes it impossible for them to work for an extended period?