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October 2019 Archives

Changes coming to Social Security disability in 2020

Every year the Social Security Administration has to do an assessment of the programs funded under Social Security. There are retirement benefits, disability benefits among others. For disability benefits, the COLA, or cost of living adjustment, can help to adjust for inflation or other factors that can impact the effectiveness of income. Sometimes the disability program can get updates based on other factors as well.

Work history requirements for Social Security disability

There are two important components of eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. The first requirement is that the disabled individual suffers from a disabling medical condition that prevents them from being able to work. In addition, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the disabled individual must also meet work history requirements.

Who qualifies for Supplemental Security Income?

Qualifying for Supplemental Security Income may be important for disabled individuals and their families who rely on the benefits. As a result, those considering applying for Supplemental Security Income should be familiar with eligibility requirements and how to qualify for benefits.

Prepare for a Social Security disability hearing

One important part of the Social Security disability process is the Social Security disability (SSD) hearing which can be part of the appeals process or the initial application process depending on the state where the applicant is applying for SSD benefits. Being prepared for the hearing and knowing what to expect can help the disabled applicant be more at ease during the Social Security disability hearing process.

How SSD benefits can help those with disabling injuries

For disabled individuals who have suffered a serious head, neck or back injury and are unable to work as a result, Social Security disability benefits may be of life-saving importance to them. Social Security disability benefits for injuries can help disabled individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries such as back, neck and spinal cord injuries, with their daily needs during a difficult time.