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November 2019 Archives

Special SSI benefits are available to the legally blind

Being blind can present a number of challenges for a Houston resident. Even if a person has some ability to see, legal blindness can make it very hard for a person to perform even basic job-related tasks. This is so even though employers are supposed to accommodate for workers with low vision.

What if my injury is my fault?

Many people in Texas suffer serious injuries at work, at home while traveling or even while at play. Although there is a lot of emphasis these days on who is to blame for these injuries, in many if not most cases, the injury is truly an accident or, at worst, is actually the responsibility of the victim herself.

When is a disability lump sum pay awarded?

Despite some Houston residents' best intentions, they are just no longer able to work due to an illness or injury. When this occurs, a person may be eligible for Social Security Disability. These benefits can be incredibly helpful for a family who relies on this income to get by.