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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

How SSD benefits can help those with disabling injuries

For disabled individuals who have suffered a serious head, neck or back injury and are unable to work as a result, Social Security disability benefits may be of life-saving importance to them. Social Security disability benefits for injuries can help disabled individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries such as back, neck and spinal cord injuries, with their daily needs during a difficult time.

Does social media impact an SSD benefits application?

Texas residents, like their counterparts across the country, are very likely to post pictures and updates on social media. While many may find social media platforms a way to communicate with their friends, what they post can be used against them in certain cases. For example, the Social Security Administration recently decided it would analyze whether program integrity and fraud identification would be improved if social media networks were used in disability determinations. This means if a Social Security Disability benefits recipient posts their picture playing golf while claiming a back injury, it could affect their eligibility.

Federal requirements for SSD benefits for lumbar spinal stenosis

Lower back pain is one of the most common disabling conditions faced by Houston residents. People in all varieties of jobs can develop this condition, and if symptoms are sufficiently severe, spinal stenosis can interfere with a person's ability to work. People who suffer from stenosis may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits for injury if they meet the necessary federal requirements.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for a traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries can be life changing events. Houston residents who have suffered such injuries are often unable to work even after the injury has healed. A common question from victims of these injuries is whether they are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. As with many serious injuries, the answer to this question depends upon the nature of the injury, its effect on the victim's ability to work and the prognosis for future recovery.

Back injuries and SSDI benefits

One of the most pervasive causes of disability for Houston residents is a back injury, especially a lower back injury. The Social Security Administration recognized back injuries as a cause of disability, but the requirements are strict, and, like other disabling conditions, must be proven by creditable medical evidence.

Do workers' compensation benefits affect SSDI benefits?

Many people in the Houston area have injuries that limit their ability to earn a living. Some are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, some are eligible for workers' compensation disability benefits and some are eligible for both. Sorting out the differences between SSDI benefits and workers' compensation benefits is often a complex tax requiring the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

Paralysis and an applicant's eligibility for disability benefits

The Social Security Administration offers two benefits programs that can provide much-needed assistance to men and women who have qualifying disabilities. The key to securing support from these two programs, which are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, is proving that the applicant's condition is a disability as recognized by the Social Security Administration. Texas residents who suffer from paralysis may be able to demonstrate their compliance with this definition and receive the help they need when their ailments prevent them from working.

Traumatic brain injuries and a person's rights to disability help

Traumatic brain injuries, often known as TBI, can be caused by two different types of events. First, TBI may result if a person suffers a serious blow or impact to their head, such as may happen in a fall or vehicle collision. Second, a TBI may occur if a person experiences a penetration injury to their head, such as from being impaled or shot with a gun.

Social security disability benefits for back pain

There are many Houston area residents that struggle with back pain every day. Back pain is a common ailment and can be detrimental for a person, causing them to not be able to complete their daily tasks. Receiving social security disability benefits for a back injury may be possible.

Deductible medical expenses and Social Security Disability

Many people who live with a disability are able to work and still receive Social Security Disability benefits. These programs exist to encourage disabled people to try their hand at working without having to worry about losing their disability benefits immediately. Many disabled people spend a large amount of money on medical expenses, however. Is there a way that Social Security deals with these expenses incurred by disabled people trying to work?