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Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions Archives

What are the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can affect almost anybody who has suffered through a significant, traumatic or life-threatening event. Whether you're the direct victim of physical abuse or a first-responder who has witnessed some horrific accidents, you may experience neurochemical changes in your brain that permanently alter your ability to cope with ordinary events or function normally.

Is mental illness really a disabling condition?

One of the cruelest remarks made about the Social Security Disability (SSDI) program in recent history was a senator's comment that "over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts."

Can you get Social Security Disability benefits for OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a pervasive mental disorder that can disrupt a victim's entire life. Beset by obsessions, or thoughts that cause anxiety, and compulsions, or repetitive behaviors that are responses to those obsessive thoughts, sufferers may be unable to function normally in their daily life and also be unable to work.

Can mild cognitive impairment be a disability?

Many people in the Houston area are diagnosed with what doctors call mild cognitive impairment, or MCI. MCI can in fact be the precursor to Alzheimer's Disease, a progressive and ultimately fatal neurological condition that causes profound memory loss and other issues.

What is the difference between depression and bipolar?

Many people have probably heard of bipolar disorder and may even know one or more people who have been diagnosed with this condition. However, many people may not fully understand the symptoms of this mental condition, which can be debilitating.

Can I qualify for disability because of a mental condition?

Social Security disability benefits can help disabled individuals with their daily needs and expenses. Social Security disability (SSD) benefits can assist disabled individuals who are unable to work because they suffer from a qualifying medical condition severe enough that it prevents them from working.

How can Social Security disability help with mental conditions?

Social Security disability benefits may not only be available because of physical injuries but also because of a disabling mental condition. To qualify for Social Security disability (SSD), however, the disabled individual must demonstrate that the mental condition they suffer from prevents them from working just like if they suffer from a disabling physical condition that prevents them from working.

Depression may be considered a disabling condition

From day to day, a Houston resident may experience a range of strong and sometimes controlling emotions. When something goes wrong at work, they may focus on their worry and concern over making things right. When their child reaches a milestone or attains a new skill, they may ride a wave of happiness and relief. For most people, emotions are something that come and go and that do not possess them to the point of missing out on life.

SSD benefits for children who suffer mental retardation

Parents of children in Texas who are afflicted with limited mental capacities often wonder if their child might be eligible for Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration runs several programs that provide financial benefits for children who suffer from conditions such as Down syndrome, mental retardation or other conditions that severely their ability to function at work or in society.