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Social Security Disability Archives

How to qualify for Social Security disability

Social Security disability benefits can provide a vital lifeline to disabled individuals in Texas and across the nation who are unable to care for themselves or their family because of their disability. As a result, disabled individuals should understand how to qualify for, and apply for, Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

How do workers' compensation benefits affect SSD benefits?

Many people in the Houston area who are receiving workers' compensation benefits may wonder if they can apply for Social Security disability benefits as well. This question is most commonly asked by people who have received a high disability rating on their workers' compensation claim and who may be facing a substantial reduction or elimination of future income.

Understanding the Ticket to Work program for SSD benefits

Most people in the Houston area who are receiving Social Security disability benefits would love nothing more than to regain the ability to work and to earn a steady income. Some individuals suffer from disabilities, such as paralysis or blindness, that plainly preclude their return to work. Other individuals, however, have conditions whose disabling effects may be reduced or minimized by rehabilitation and counseling.

Understanding the SSA definition of disability

Many people in Houston who suffer from a serious illness or injury are uncertain if they are eligible for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. They may understand that total disability is a prerequisite for receiving such benefits, but they may have only a vague idea of how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines that term. Fortunately, the SSA has adopted regulations that provide a precise and comprehensive definition.

Obtaining disability benefits for hearing loss

As people age, their hearing often deteriorates. This problem is exacerbated by the many loud noises that people experience at work and in their daily lives, especially in a large city such as Houston. If hearing loss becomes severe, it can interfere with a person's ability to perform the duties of a job or fulfill social functions. The Social Security Administration has set guidelines for awarding disability benefits to those who have lost a significant portion of their hearing capacity.

What are Social Security disability work credits?

Most Houston residents who are wondering about obtaining Social Security disability benefits pay most of their attention to the nature of their illness or injury and its disabling effects. A third factor must also be considered -- whether the person has accumulated enough work credits to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Proving disability for a claim for SSD benefits

A claim for Social Security disability benefits has two major parts: proof of a serious medical condition that is either permanent or expected to cause the death of the patient in 12 months and proof of a total disability. For Houston residents who may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, understanding these elements can be crucial to the success of their claim.

Are SSD benefits subject to federal income tax?

As April 15 approaches, people in Houston who have begun receiving Social Security disability benefits during 2018 may want to know if their benefits are taxable. They may also wonder if the state of Texas will tax their disability payments. The answer can be simple, but as with many tax questions, the precise answer depends upon the taxpayer's individual income and filing status.

Obtaining SSD benefits for epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that is often misunderstood, partly because the symptoms and effects of the illness vary greatly in frequency and intensity. Epilepsy is usually defined as the result of abnormal activity in the brain. Symptoms can include temporary confusion, staring at a point or object, uncontrollable jerking of the arms and legs, loss of consciousness or awareness and psychic symptoms such as fear or anxiety. Residents of Houston who suffer from epilepsy are often uncertain if they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The standards for epilepsy are included in the Social Security Administration's "Listing of Impairments."

Understanding compassionate allowances and disability decisions

Many people in Houston regard the process of applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits laborious and lengthy. While these feelings have some basis in fact, these same people are often unaware of the special Social Security program know by acronym "CAL." The letters stand for "Compassionate Allowance," which is a program that is intended to provide specialized handling for people whose medical condition is especially grave.