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Social Security Disability Archives

Administration's proposed rule could trim SSD benefits for some

Although it has been getting relatively little attention in the press until recently, the Social Security Administration has proposed a new regulation that could serve to cull many Texans from the list of those who receive disability benefits.

Student loan relief: a well-kept secret bonus to SSD benefits

As this blog discusses often, people in the Houston area who are suffering from a debilitating illness or injury may be able to obtain benefits through the Social Security Administration. Social Security disability benefits, which are commonly referred to as SSD benefits, can provide a source of monthly income to a Texan who needs these funds to support him or herself.

When is a disability lump sum pay awarded?

Despite some Houston residents' best intentions, they are just no longer able to work due to an illness or injury. When this occurs, a person may be eligible for Social Security Disability. These benefits can be incredibly helpful for a family who relies on this income to get by.

Changes coming to Social Security disability in 2020

Every year the Social Security Administration has to do an assessment of the programs funded under Social Security. There are retirement benefits, disability benefits among others. For disability benefits, the COLA, or cost of living adjustment, can help to adjust for inflation or other factors that can impact the effectiveness of income. Sometimes the disability program can get updates based on other factors as well.

Work history requirements for Social Security disability

There are two important components of eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. The first requirement is that the disabled individual suffers from a disabling medical condition that prevents them from being able to work. In addition, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the disabled individual must also meet work history requirements.

Prepare for a Social Security disability hearing

One important part of the Social Security disability process is the Social Security disability (SSD) hearing which can be part of the appeals process or the initial application process depending on the state where the applicant is applying for SSD benefits. Being prepared for the hearing and knowing what to expect can help the disabled applicant be more at ease during the Social Security disability hearing process.

Options to help maximize Social Security disability

Social Security disability are important benefits to help disabled individuals with their daily needs and the challenges they face. Because of how important Social Security disability benefits are for many struggling disabled individuals and their families, it is essential for disabled individuals to be familiar with how they can maximize their benefits and receive their full benefit.

Preparing for a Special Security disability hearing is important

The Social Security Disability hearing is an important part of the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits for all Texans. The hearing can help determine if the disabled applicant will have their claim for benefits approved or denied, which is why it is important for disabled applicants to be prepared for their Social Security Disability hearing.

The Social Security disability appeals process

Many, if not most, initial applications for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are denied. As a result, it is essential for disabled individuals and their families to be familiar with the appeals process and what it is so they understand both how to apply for benefits and appeal when they have been denied Social Security disability benefits.

SSD benefits and the importance of the Listing of Impairments

Texans who are suffering from an illness, condition or disability might want to apply for Social Security disability benefits. When considering the options for applying and determining if the requirements are met, it is easy to ignore the basics. However, if the application is denied, it is frequently due to a basic mistake. To prevent these avoidable errors, it is wise to understand those basics and to have legal assistance from the beginning from an experienced SSD benefits attorney. Before moving forward with a claim, it is wise to know the importance of the Listing of Impairments.