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Social Security Disability Archives

Understanding the SSDI decision process

Many Houston residents find that applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be a daunting. The social security disability review process involves the analysis of extensive medical information, review of employment records and evaluating the information in light of the claimant's past employment history. Familiarity with the process can make seem less overwhelming and can increase the likelihood of an application being approved.

How does the SSA define 'disability' under the SSDI program?

Many Houston residents who suffer a disabling illness or injury want to know if they are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The answer depends upon the severity of the disabling condition and its expected resolution. The Social Security Administration or SSA, the federal agency that administers the SSDI program has established several important criteria that must be satisfied before a person can receive disability benefits.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for hearing loss

Loss of hearing is common in today's industrial world. Many loud noises are common in Houston's overall environment. Jet liners, truck engines and many industries, such as metal fabricating, mining, drilling and construction, generate noises that can damage a person's hearing to the point where the impairment may constitute a compensable disability under the Social Security Disability Insurance Act.

Will a consultative examination be needed for my SSD benefits?

Texans who are injured or have a condition that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits must remember that there are many factors the Social Security Administration must consider before granting an approval. If there is the need for more information or a step is not followed, the applicant could be denied Social Security. For some, there could be the need for a consultative examination to help the SSA come to a decision on whether to provide SSD benefits or not. Knowing when this might be needed and what it entails is a key to a case.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for depression and related disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder afflict many people in the Houston area. In the more severe cases, persons with the condition may not be able to work or lead normal lives. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available if the conditions of the illness are especially severe.

What is a Quick Disability Determination?

When a Texas resident becomes unable to work their income may come to a stop. However, that does not mean that their mortgage, bills and other financial obligations will also cease. It is when a person lacks the capacity to work and their expenses begin to mount that they may run into significant financial hardship.

Social Security's compassionate allowance list

Individuals who have looked into applying for Social Security Disability benefits may have found statistics related to the wait times they may face after submitting their applications. While it is true that a Texas resident may have to wait some time prior to learning if their claim has been approved or rejected, some applicants may experience an expedited review based on their particular medical conditions. Certain ailments are granted compassionate allowance status and approved quickly to provide those who are suffering with the help that they need.

Helping Social Security Disability claimants with their appeals

What happens when a Houston resident has worked for years, has paid Social Security payroll taxes, but becomes disabled before retirement age? People in this situation may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits exist to provide assistance to eligible workers. Far from being a government handout, Social Security Disability is run as an insurance program to benefit people who have paid into the system.

SSA needs more funding to serve Texas SSDI claimants

The pressures faced by the Social Security Administration have been well-documented by both the news media and the watchdog agencies that monitor government functions, like the Government Accounting Office. In Texas, for example, claimants who have applied for benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance program must sometimes wait months for an initial decision. If a hearing is required, the wait time can extend to well over a year.

Can one get SSD benefits and workers' compensation in Texas?

When a worker is injured while performing their job duties at their place of work in Texas - or in a place related to work - their only recourse is, typically, workers' compensation. But in cases where the injury prevents someone from returning to work for a long period of time or reduces their ability to hold a job, the worker may also be able to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.