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Don't fall out of touch with the SSI Disability examiner

When you file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you probably already know you're in for a long wait before you hear any kind of answer on your claim. However, it's important to stay in touch with the Disability Examiner (DE) that's handling your case. Otherwise, you could put your entire claim in unnecessary danger.

Special SSI benefits are available to the legally blind

Being blind can present a number of challenges for a Houston resident. Even if a person has some ability to see, legal blindness can make it very hard for a person to perform even basic job-related tasks. This is so even though employers are supposed to accommodate for workers with low vision.

Who qualifies for Supplemental Security Income?

Qualifying for Supplemental Security Income may be important for disabled individuals and their families who rely on the benefits. As a result, those considering applying for Supplemental Security Income should be familiar with eligibility requirements and how to qualify for benefits.

How to appeal a Supplemental Security determination

Applying for and receiving disability benefits can be essential. Just as it is true of Social Security disability, applicants for Supplemental Security Income have the option to appeal if they do not agree with the decision made by the Social Security Administration or SSA regarding their benefits. In the case of Supplemental Security Income, the applicant can appeal the SSA's decision concerning benefits and the amount of benefit the disabled individual will receive.

The differences between SSD and SSI benefits and how they help

Social Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits are different programs that can help disabled individuals in different situations. As a result, it is helpful for disabled individuals to be familiar with their different disability options, how they can help them and how to obtain the benefits they require.

Understanding Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is an important benefit available to disabled individuals and others. SSI may provide protections to disabled individuals who do not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Supplemental Security Income can provide help with every day costs and expenses for those who qualify for SSI.

When can I have a disability hearing if my SSI benefits stop?

Texans who are seeking or receiving Supplemental Security Income will either meet or have previously met the basic criteria of being blind, disabled, 65 and older and have limited income and resources. When these individuals are informed that the application was denied or that the benefits they are receiving will stop, it can be a worrisome time. Many will not know what to do to get the benefits or to restart them. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration provides the opportunity to have a disability hearing. Understanding when this can be done and what issues will be considered is an important factor in a case.

What is Supplemental Security Income and who can it help?

It is important for disabled individuals in Houston to understand the different government benefits available to help them. For those who qualify, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be one option to consider. There are different options available to disabled individuals through the Social Security Administration (SSA) based on different situations and circumstances, which is why disabled individuals and their families should be familiar with what may be available to them.