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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Archives

The requirements for determining eligibility for SSI benefits

There are various government programs afforded to those suffering disabilities. Whether you acquired a disability at birth or suffered one later in life due to an illness or injury, living with a disability can present some financial challenges and hardships. Therefore, those living with disabilities have the opportunity to seek benefits through Supplemental Security Income.

We have advocated for those suffering disabilities

Living with a disability can be difficult. Whether a person was born with it or acquired it later in life due to an injury or illness, a disability can severely impact an individual's life. For some, disabilities could prohibit them from maintaining substantial gainful employment. This can make it challenging, or near impossible, to meet the financial requirements to live in Texas and elsewhere. Therefore, many seek the assistance of governmental programs such as Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI.)

SSI-related benefits and a Plan to Achieve Self Support

Houstonians who receive Social Security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program often would like to try and get back to work. However, they are frequently prevented from doing so or trying to do so due to fear of losing their SSI-related benefits. With this in mind, the Social Security Administration has the Plan to Achieve Self-Support. It is important to understand the details of PASS before moving forward.

What if I need a special examination for SSI-related benefits?

Texans who are in sufficient financial need, are blind, aged or disabled can seek Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security disability program. To receive SSI-related benefits, the claimant must also meet the medical requirements. In some instances, there is a need for a special medical examination or a test to be given to make a final determination as to whether the claimant qualifies.

Certain health conditions qualify for expedited SSI benefits

Like Social Security Disability (SSD), the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is designed to help people who are unable to earn enough money to support themselves. One difference between the two is that SSI benefits are for a more specific group of people who have very limited financial resources, and who have blindness, certain disabilities, or who are 65 years and older. But just like SSD benefits, people who qualify for SSI cannot necessarily get their benefits right away.

Will my SSI benefits be affected by purchasing items to work?

Houston residents who receive Supplemental Security Income are often confused by the various rules and regulations that determine whether they can keep their benefits in certain circumstances. For example, many people who receive SSI-related benefits also work, but require items or services to make that possible. With that, they will wonder how the expenses to purchase these goods and services will affect their SSI. People in this situation need not worry. In the bulk of cases, any out-of-pocket costs to help a person who is disabled and is receiving SSI will have the costs deducted by the Social Security Administration.

How does having a representative payee affect SSI benefits?

Texans who are receiving Social Security disability sometimes have what is known as a "representative payee" who will manage the money. This must be fully understood in several contexts such as how it influences the individual and what those who get Supplemental Security Income are required to do based on it. In general, the Social Security Administration will decide that a person needs a representative payee if there is information indicating that he or she will need assistance in managing their money.

What happens when a youth receiving SSI benefits turns 18?

When a Houston resident who has yet to reach legal adulthood is receiving Supplemental Security Income, it can be worrisome as to what will happen when he or she turns 18. Understanding what happens in these circumstances can help to assuage these concerns. The first thing to recognize is that there are factors that are key to continuing to receive benefits.

Many Americans rely on Social Security benefits, including SSI

Nearly 66 million Americans receive Social Security payments, and Houston has its fair share of beneficiaries. While most people might think of Social Security primarily as a retirement benefits system, it also has other programs that serve crucial functions.

SSI seeks to help people who are most in need

People often associate Social Security with retirement because tens of millions of retired workers draw Social Security retirement benefits each year. While it is true that Social Security is a major source of retirement income for many people, the Social Security program is, more generally, supposed to be a source of financial help for the country's most vulnerable people.