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SSI eligibility requirements don't have to be a mystery -- II

Last time, we started discussing how the eligibility requirements for Supplemental Security Income benefits can likely prove mystifying to many Americans, a reality that is not only frustrating, but also counter-productive given that it may cause people to abandon their efforts to secure much-needed financial assistance.In today's post, our blog will continue its efforts to provide background information on the basic qualifications for adults looking to secure SSI benefits.

SSI eligibility requirements don't have to be a mystery

While many people have a good understanding of what it takes to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, they find themselves lacking a similar understanding when it comes to Supplemental Security Income benefits.

What are the SSI eligibility requirements for children?

In our previous post, we discussed how those families with disabled children might be in need of extra income to help make ends meet if a parent had to forgo working in order to provide the necessary care, and how the Supplemental Security Income program may provide much-needed help in these difficult scenarios.

Why is there so much controversy surrounding the SSI program?

The unfortunate reality for many families with disabled children is that money to cover basic living expenses is sometimes hard to come by. That's because a parent might have to stay home to provide for their disabled child's needs, either cutting the household income in half or removing the sole source of income altogether.

How much do you know about SSI benefits?

In previous posts, we've taken a closer look at how those people who have suffered debilitating injuries or been diagnosed with life-changing conditions can seek much-needed assistance via the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

Program looks to make a difference for SSI recipients and their families

While our nation's economy is finally showing signs of sustained improvement, the employment picture remains murky at best for many people, particularly the young and the disabled.

Federal bill assists Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries

In order to receive Supplemental Security Income, beneficiaries or their families must meet a strict set of financial requirements. Namely, this is a program for individuals with qualifying medical disabilities who do not have a significant work record and do not have substantial assets or income. In other words, SSI benefits can provide relief to adults or children living under tight financial conditions.

CDC finds more kids being diagnosed with ADHD

It can be understandably difficult for parents to learn that their child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In fact, they find themselves experiencing very legitimate concerns about the long-term wellbeing of their child and about how they can cover the expenses associated with this condition.

Is the PROMISE program a good idea?

Recently, roughly a dozen states began receiving grant money designed to wean children with disabilities off of Supplemental Security Income by the time they reach adulthood. The money is linked to a program established by the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor, Education and Health and Human Services called PROMISE which stands for Promoting Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income.

Autism and disability benefits: what are the criteria?

There is perhaps nothing more difficult for a parent than to see their child struggling or suffering. Although many parents do their best to be there for the children through all the ups and downs of their life, parents of disabled children often have even more challenges to conquer.