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Electronic Social Security deposits coming to an account near you

Hoping to trim internal costs, fight fraud, and make things easier for benefits recipients, the Social Security Administration recently re-affirmed its commitment to using electronic direct deposit methods of payment. For those receiving traditional retirement benefits, survivor payments, Social Security disability, Veterans Affairs, government pensions, and Supplemental Security Income, the government would much prefer to provide help with the click of a button, rather than a stamped envelope.

Man awarded large disability settlement

Being unable to go to work is one of the hardest realizations any American can face. Whether their position is eliminated or deteriorating health gets in the way of a job's demands, the loss of a career and a once-steady income has the potential to all of a sudden jeopardize everything that was once considered safe and secure. While the Social Security Administration has instituted programs intended to help those disabled and incapable of getting to work, legal and structural obstacles abound within its framework.