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SSA's disability program under fire following release of report

As we've discussed before, the Social Security Administration's disability program is currently facing an uncertain future. That's because agency estimates show that the trust fund from which disability benefits are drawn will likely run out of funds during the latter half of 2016.

Why is one Texas lawmaker looking to limit disability benefits?

Every month, millions of disabled Americans breathe a collective sigh of relief as they either receive a check in the mail or direct deposit into their account from the Social Security Administration that will allow them to pay for the basic necessities.

Do disability benefits have any impact on retirement benefits?

While there has been significant discussion about the number of older Americans leaving the workforce or actively preparing to do so, it's important to understand that there is still a large contingent of older workers who have no immediate plans for retirement.

Do you know enough about the SSD appeals process? - IV

Today's post will conclude our ongoing series discussing the options available to those individuals who have seen their disability benefits suddenly and unjustly terminated via an impersonal letter from the Social Security Administration.

Do you know enough about the SSD appeals process? - III

For the last several weeks, our blog has been discussing an upsetting phenomenon experienced far too often by people throughout Texas and across the U.S.: receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration indicating that their disability benefits are being terminated.

Do you know enough about the SSD appeals process? - II

Last week, we started discussing how even though it can be extremely upsetting to receive a letter from the Social Security Administration informing you that your disability benefits are being stopped, you don't have to panic.

Do you know enough about the SSD appeals process?

It can be very difficult to receive a letter in the mail informing you that the Social Security Administration has made the decision to stop your disability benefits. Indeed, you will probably experience a variety of emotions from anger and disbelief to sadness and anxiety.

SSA announces expanded service hours at field offices

As we've discussed on our blog many times before, the process of securing disability benefits can prove to be very frustrating and highly confusing for those who try to navigate the process on their own.