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How to prove a claim for SSDI benefits

Many Houston residents might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but they have little or no idea how to pursue their claim. Gathering and presenting evidence that supports a claim for SSDI benefits can be difficult and complex. Knowing where to start in assembling relevant evidence can be a useful place to begin, and because many disability claims are initially denied, great care in gathering evidence can be the difference between success and failure.

Disability benefits for minor children

Many people in Houston assume without checking that Social Security Disability benefits are available only to adults. This assumption is incorrect, and it has prevented many parents from obtaining disability benefits for children who suffer from a disabling illness or injury. A knowledge of the basic rules of SSDI eligibility for children may help parents who are raising a seriously injured or ill child.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for neurological disorders

Many people in Houston suffer from disorders of their neurological systems. The Social Security Disability insurance program provides benefits for many of these disorders. Covered conditions include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, early-onset Alzheimer's disease to combinations of physical and mental dysfunction. The evidentiary requirements of the Social Security Administration and the complexity of the human neurological system often make obtaining SSDI benefits for these disorders a daunting task.

How to prove the existence of a disability for SSDI benefits

Many people in Houston are aware of the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits program, but they do not know much about how to apply for benefits or prove the facts necessary to support the claim. The basic factual elements of an SSDI claim depend upon the language of the Social Security Administration regulations that govern the program.

Understanding the relationship between SSDI and work credits

Both Social Security retirement and disability benefits depend upon how many work credits have been accumulated by the claimant. Both programs require a minimum number of credits before a worker is eligible for benefits.

Understanding the SSDI decision process

Many Houston residents find that applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be a daunting. The social security disability review process involves the analysis of extensive medical information, review of employment records and evaluating the information in light of the claimant's past employment history. Familiarity with the process can make seem less overwhelming and can increase the likelihood of an application being approved.

How does the SSA define 'disability' under the SSDI program?

Many Houston residents who suffer a disabling illness or injury want to know if they are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The answer depends upon the severity of the disabling condition and its expected resolution. The Social Security Administration or SSA, the federal agency that administers the SSDI program has established several important criteria that must be satisfied before a person can receive disability benefits.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for hearing loss

Loss of hearing is common in today's industrial world. Many loud noises are common in Houston's overall environment. Jet liners, truck engines and many industries, such as metal fabricating, mining, drilling and construction, generate noises that can damage a person's hearing to the point where the impairment may constitute a compensable disability under the Social Security Disability Insurance Act.

Will a consultative examination be needed for my SSD benefits?

Texans who are injured or have a condition that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits must remember that there are many factors the Social Security Administration must consider before granting an approval. If there is the need for more information or a step is not followed, the applicant could be denied Social Security. For some, there could be the need for a consultative examination to help the SSA come to a decision on whether to provide SSD benefits or not. Knowing when this might be needed and what it entails is a key to a case.

Obtaining SSDI benefits for depression and related disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder afflict many people in the Houston area. In the more severe cases, persons with the condition may not be able to work or lead normal lives. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available if the conditions of the illness are especially severe.