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Disability awareness event draws support, skepticism

One of the most dominant reasons for the continuing unfair, marginalizing treatment of disabled persons in America is the lack of understanding and empathy that more able-bodied persons have for those with a debilitating condition. This disconnect, which often is most obvious between policymakers and everyday people, is at the root of access, benefits (such as Social Security Disability), and treatment faltering both here in Texas and across the nation.

Access to Social Security Disability expanded

Being accepted for Social Security Disability benefits is often the deciding factor in a family's ability to continue seeking care, put food on the table, and keep their current home or apartment. Since the economic downturn of 2008, however, a 20 percent raise in disability claims has caused the Social Security Administration to be severely backlogged, turning the application, denial, and appeal process into a costly and frustrating affair.

Social Security offices to scale back accessibility

Over recent years, getting adequate access to Social Security payments has proven more and more difficult for Americans in need. A myriad of factors including economic downturn, the large retiring population of baby boomers, and a lack of adequate government funding has made Social Security payments, Disability checks, and Supplemental Security Income harder to attain for those who need it.