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Congress, furloughs and a shutdown, oh my!

Prior to the government shutdown, the Social Security Administration announced that it was putting into effect a contingency plan that would create a buffer between the loss in federal funding and beneficiaries receiving SSD and SSI payments. But while the explanation given by SSA may be easily understood by lawmakers, it may not be as easily digestible for the rest of us across the nation.

Non-English speaking applicants file class action against SSA

A surprising class-action lawsuit out of California this month may have peaked the interest of some people here in Texas as well, especially those who may be immigrants filing for Social Security disability benefits and may need an interpreter to do so.

Filing a disability claim, not as easy as some may think

Because of the complexities of the Social Security Administration, we don’t fault our readers for having numerous questions when it comes to filing disability claims. As some of our readers may have already discovered from filing claims of their own, sometimes even SSA workers are not familiar with all of the rules and requirements involved in the system.

SSDI backlog continues to cause problems

In previous posts we've brought both statistics and specific examples of just how difficult and drawn-out the Social Security disability application and appeal process can be. New testimonials and studies have recently come to present an even clearer picture of the ordeal, fundamentally reasserting the value of a Social Security attorney as one works to extract due benefits and support.