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Were Social Security recipients affected by Target data breach?

One of the more widely reported stories over the 2013 holiday season concerned the massive data theft from the retail chain Target, a situation that more than likely served to put a damper on festivities for millions of people.

Safety first this season says Memorial Emergency Center

It has begun; more and more houses are popping up with festive lights circling tree trunks, filling branches, lining fences, covering bushes and tracing roof lines. There are even a few plastic Santas and wire reindeer “making noise” up on the rooftop of many houses. These decorations bring joy and help spread holiday cheer, but emergency department doctors warn homeowners in Houston to take care while putting them up.

Researcher at Rutgers attempting cure for spinal cord injuries

Suffering a spinal cord injury can be a life-changing event. Some of our readers know this firsthand, while others have only heard stories about such tragedies happening to people across the nation. The reason spinal cord injuries are so life changing is because they can often limit a person’s ability to move and speak, leaving them unable to work and in the long-term care of others.

Work-related accident in Texas leaves worker with back injury

Getting hurt on the job is a concern among a lot of people here in Texas because it’s fraught with a lot of unknowns. Will your injury prevent you from going back to work? How long will you remain injured? Is it temporary or permanent? If you’re forced out of work, how will you be able to subsidize your income? Getting the answers to these questions can not only help determine whether you seek workers’ compensation benefits through your employer but whether you need to apply for disability benefits down the road.

Scientists find balance issues more prevalent in elderly

Most people, when they trip or lose their footing, they hardly think about how their body reacts to this change in balance. But it’s something scientists and researchers across the nation have been considering lately and they believe they may have discovered a way to help prevent injury-causing falls in the future.

Are the needs of disabled veterans being met?

Over the last several months, there has been a lot of talk about the delays in benefit administration for injured and disabled military veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently has a very large backlog of disability claims, which has left many vets waiting for critical financial support.

CTE found in another professional athlete

A new degenerative brain disorder, mostly found in professional athletes who have suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries, has found its way into the headlines once more after an autopsy revealed the disorder in former NFL quarterback Cullen Finnerty just this month. Although his official cause of death was due to a case of pneumonia, doctors believe that the degenerative brain disorder could have aided in the footballer's death.

Disfiguring injury ends in groundbreaking face transplant surgery

Few people here in Texas can imagine what it would be like to suffer a debilitating injury. To have your life changed in one heart-stopping moment seems like more of a nightmare than a reality. But for one man from Maryland that nightmare did become a nightmare—one that lasted nearly 15 years.

VBA report shows large number of disabled veterans in Texas

In Texas, we like to do things big.  But when it comes to the number of disability beneficiaries, that's likely something that we'd rather do small.  Unfortunately, as of 2011, close to 300,000 veterans were receiving disability benefits because of debilitating injuries or mental health conditions, according to the Veterans Benefits Administration.  And with current projections on the rise, who knows what that number will grow to in a few years time.