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Posts tagged "fiscal cliff"

Disability awareness event draws support, skepticism

One of the most dominant reasons for the continuing unfair, marginalizing treatment of disabled persons in America is the lack of understanding and empathy that more able-bodied persons have for those with a debilitating condition. This disconnect, which often is most obvious between policymakers and everyday people, is at the root of access, benefits (such as Social Security Disability), and treatment faltering both here in Texas and across the nation.

SSDI may face its own fiscal cliff

Following the general election, much of the nation's political debate has centered around the forecasted "fiscal cliff" that may threaten the U.S. economy on the first of the new year. The combined effects of expiring tax cuts and mandatory spending cuts could freeze a still-fledgling economic recovery, creating undue hardship for many American families and possibly setting off a second recession.