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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness"

SSD benefits can be a backstop when illness strikes

Too many people throughout the U.S. are hampered by illnesses. Medicine and lifestyle changes can enable many of these people to minimize the effects that these conditions have on their daily lives. For some, however, their illness is disabling and touches on almost every aspect of life, including their ability to work.

Some people with diabetes can qualify for disability benefits

Many people in Houston know someone who has diabetes. It is a common blood disease, and according to data from the American Diabetes Association, more than nine percent of Americans had diabetes as of 2012. In addition, every year, doctors diagnose roughly 1.4 million Americans as having diabetes.

People with MS may qualify for SSD benefits for illness

Doctors and scientists are constantly striving to find new ways to fight and cure complex illnesses. Multiple sclerosis is one such disease that continues to perplex people in the medical field. Although treatments and medicine are available, scientists do not yet fully understand what causes MS. Thus, they do not have any kind of cure for it.

New study questions old thinking about deadly form of cancer

Many people in Houston have probably had some experience with cancer. Whether a person has had cancer, or knows a friend or family member who has had cancer, this frightening disease touches millions of people in one way or another. Advances in medicine are improving treatments for many forms of cancer, but it can still be a debilitating and deadly disease.

Are migraines really a common illness and potential disability?

In last week's post, this blog covered the Social Security Administration's Listing of Impairments. Specifically, it discussed conditions like migraine headaches and the fact that, just because that particular condition is not included on the Listing of Impairments, does not mean that a person suffering from migraines won't qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for illness. But how big of a problem are migraine headaches, and can they really render a person disabled when it comes to working?

Qualifying for SSD benefits for illnesses like migraines

Many people in Houston know what it is like to suffer from migraine headaches. A migraine usually involves severe pain on one side of the person's head. The pain can be so bad that it also leads to nausea and vomiting. Moreover, a migraine headache can leave the person unable to cope with normal sound and light in the everyday world.

Longer life may mean more years of disability

Most people want to have as long a life as possible. Thanks to innovative technology and advances in medicine, Americans are now living longer than ever. But a new study suggests that maybe the increase in life span is not necessarily as good as it sounds.

Lung cancer doesn't have to mean financial ruin

Cancer is a word that can easily strike fear into even the bravest and strongest people. Although doctors and researchers continue to make strides in treating the many different kinds of cancer, it is often still a debilitating and even deadly disease. Few types of cancer are more worrisome than lung cancer.

Can a seizure disorder qualify as a disability?

Electrical signals are important to the proper functioning of all parts of the human body, and the brain is no exception. While electrical signals in the brain are essential, sometimes these signals can go awry. How are electrical signals related to seizures, and what effects can seizures have on a person's life?

Skin disorders can qualify a person for disability benefits

When people worry about exposure to chemicals in the workplace, the first concern that comes to mind is usually the danger of inhaling those chemicals on a daily basis. Because exposure to chemical inhalation in the workplace can pose such an immense health risk to workers, organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have pushed to implement regulatory changes to guard against these problems. However, inhalation is not the only potential health hazard that people face when they work around chemicals.