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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries"

Traumatic brain injuries and a person's rights to disability help

Traumatic brain injuries, often known as TBI, can be caused by two different types of events. First, TBI may result if a person suffers a serious blow or impact to their head, such as may happen in a fall or vehicle collision. Second, a TBI may occur if a person experiences a penetration injury to their head, such as from being impaled or shot with a gun.

Social security disability benefits for back pain

There are many Houston area residents that struggle with back pain every day. Back pain is a common ailment and can be detrimental for a person, causing them to not be able to complete their daily tasks. Receiving social security disability benefits for a back injury may be possible.

Deductible medical expenses and Social Security Disability

Many people who live with a disability are able to work and still receive Social Security Disability benefits. These programs exist to encourage disabled people to try their hand at working without having to worry about losing their disability benefits immediately. Many disabled people spend a large amount of money on medical expenses, however. Is there a way that Social Security deals with these expenses incurred by disabled people trying to work?

How a spinal cord injury affects a victim's body

An accident can happen to any person, at any time. Whether it is a car accident, a slip and fall or an accident while playing a sport, serious injuries, such as a spinal cord injury, could lead to serious long-term or even life-long disabilities. When the spinal cord is damaged, bone or dislocated vertebra could put pressure on or damage the nerves that run along the spinal cord. The spinal cord acts as a "highway" in the body, with information running from the brain to control body movements.

Construction worker death highlights dangers at workplace

We all know that construction work can be dangerous. Unlike many other forms of work, construction work zones are often fluid and situations often change and evolve by the week, day or even hour. Workers are often working in construction sites with many unreliable variables, including large equipment and materials that are moving at different places and times. This is why construction accidents are common throughout the United States, including in Texas, where a construction worker is killed on average one every three days.

Work-related injury could qualify for Social Security Disability

Each year many workers throughout the United States, including many from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area, are injured in the workplace. While the types of injuries often vary, some injuries such as neck, back and brain injuries are not uncommon, especially in construction areas.

Helping you recover SSD benefits for disabling injuries

Suffering a disabling health condition is oftentimes something that Texas residents are not prepared to deal with. When an accident leaves an individual seriously harmed, it can become rather challenging to return to normal life. This is especially true when an individual is unable to work because of a disabling injury. A permanent or temporary disability not only means living with pain and suffering associated with the condition, but also means not being able to afford the basic needs in life. Those living with disabilities often seek out financial support through programs sponsored by the Social Security Administration.

How brain injuries affect Americans

One of the most important organs in the human body is the brain. Due to its location on the human body however, this leaves the brain vulnerable to injury, especially after a slip and fall, being struck by an object, common in construction accidents and sports, or a car accident. It should then come as no surprise that traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs are among the most common injuries in America. According to statistics provided by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, TBIs account for nearly one third of all injury deaths in the United States.

We can help disabled Texans with hard to measure injuries

Some of the toughest injuries to handle in Social Security are ones that do not have any obvious visible symptoms. One common example of this type of injury is a back injury which does not affect the spinal cord or otherwise manifest itself visibly. However, a person can still be in severe pain even in the absence of any physical symptoms.

Repetitive motion injuries and Social Security Disability

Although some might naturally think of a work-related injury as the result of a one-time accident or other occurrence, many Houston, Texas workers, as well as others, may suffer from one of many types of repetitive motion injury. Like most other injuries, Social Security disability benefits may be available so long as a victim can meet the federal requirements in place.