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What are the requirements for intellectual disability benefits?

Millions of people in the United States have mental conditions that affect their lives. Like any other health problem, the type and severity of a person's mental condition determines how big of an impact it will have on that person's life. If a mental condition is severe enough, it can prevent the person from taking care of themselves, in which case they may be able to get help through a mental disability claim for Social Security benefits.

Some of the misunderstood facts about mental illness

In today's world, where people have an abundance of ways to connect with each other, some people may be tempted to overshare every little detail of their lives. Social networking websites and smartphone apps allow people to share photos and commentary about everything, from their political views to what they ate for breakfast. Despite the ease with which information can be shared, some subjects are still very difficult to talk about. Mental health is one such topic, which results in many misunderstandings about mental illness.

Pop star steps off stage to deal with panic attacks

Selena Gomez is a multi-talented entertainer and pop star, and she often grabs news headlines for both her career and her relationship with another young star, Justin Bieber. Recently, Gomez made headlines for other reasons when she announced that she was stepping back from her career to deal with mental health problems, including panic attacks and depression.

Let us help you with your mental disability claim

Illnesses and injuries plague the bodies of Texas workers and prevent them from doing the jobs they were trained to perform. When such impairments keep a person out of his employment and without a means of earning an income, that individual may have the right to apply for Social Security Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

What is a consultative exam for a mental disability claim?

Testing for mental conditions is typically not as clear-cut as it is for physical conditions. Accordingly, a Houston resident may have a qualifying mental condition under Social Security guidelines, but be unable to prove it through medical tests. In these cases, where the Social Security Administration does not have sufficient information to make a determination about benefits, it may order a mental consultative examination.

What are the requirements for a representative payee?

Like any other city in the country, Houston is home to many people who suffer from some kind of mental disorder. When such a condition leaves a person unable to continue working and earning a living, they may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions. If the person has a disabling mental condition, however, they may be unable to properly handle the monthly distributions from the Social Security Administration. In these cases, what resources are available to help the disabled person?

How prevalent is mental illness in the United States?

Many people in Houston would say that without good health, nothing else in life really matters. In many cases, it is relatively easy for a person to determine whether they are physically healthy. When it comes to mental health, however, the picture becomes much murkier.

New treatment offers hope for people with depression

Depression is a mental condition with which many people in the Houston area can identify. Even if a person has never suffered depression themselves, chances are good that they have a friend or relative who has struggled with it at some point. According to data from a 2012 study from the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, nearly 17 percent of Americans will experience major depression.

How does memory impairment relate to functional capacity?

People in Houston who are familiar with this blog probably know that when a person suffers from a mental or physical problem that limits their ability to work, they may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. But how does the Social Security Administration assess whether a person can work and earn a living?

Study sheds some new light on schizophrenia

Doctors and researchers in Houston and throughout the country go to tremendous efforts to understand various illnesses so that they can eventually find new ways of helping people who suffer from those conditions. Likewise, organizations and private individuals pour a great deal of time and money into helping the medical community achieve its goals. Despite these efforts, some human conditions continue to present challenges when it comes to understanding and treating them.