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November 2012 Archives

SSDI may face its own fiscal cliff

Following the general election, much of the nation's political debate has centered around the forecasted "fiscal cliff" that may threaten the U.S. economy on the first of the new year. The combined effects of expiring tax cuts and mandatory spending cuts could freeze a still-fledgling economic recovery, creating undue hardship for many American families and possibly setting off a second recession.

Social Security offices to scale back accessibility

Over recent years, getting adequate access to Social Security payments has proven more and more difficult for Americans in need. A myriad of factors including economic downturn, the large retiring population of baby boomers, and a lack of adequate government funding has made Social Security payments, Disability checks, and Supplemental Security Income harder to attain for those who need it.

Man awarded large disability settlement

Being unable to go to work is one of the hardest realizations any American can face. Whether their position is eliminated or deteriorating health gets in the way of a job's demands, the loss of a career and a once-steady income has the potential to all of a sudden jeopardize everything that was once considered safe and secure. While the Social Security Administration has instituted programs intended to help those disabled and incapable of getting to work, legal and structural obstacles abound within its framework.

Social Security checks' bump falls short

Social security payments for millions of Americans come to form a critical portion of each month's income. However, as the cost of living continues to rise, each check goes not quite as far as the last in securing seniors' livelihoods. The Social Security Administration takes regular measures to counteract this change in real income, oftentimes with good intentions that yield ineffective results.