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Houston, Texas, Arthritis Claims Attorney

If you have moderate to severe arthritis and are unable to work due to chronic pain or crippling of the joints, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you have been denied disability benefits, you need an experienced SSD / SSI appeals lawyer who will provide relentless advocacy and support during the appeals process.

At the law office of David Dopkin, Attorney at Law, we have been assisting clients with Social Security Disability and Social Security Income cases since 1991, and have handled more than 2,500 claims. Trust our experience and commitment to getting the benefits you deserve. Contact our Houston law office for a free initial consultation with Attorney Dopkin. You pay no fees unless we win your claim.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

Because we have such extensive experience handling SSD and SSI appeals, we know what information is necessary to get you the benefits you need. We help you gather medical evidence, letters from doctors, and statements from friends and family who can testify to the severity of the condition. We assist you in putting the information together in such away that persuades the Social Security Administration (SSA) to grant you the necessary income.

Furthermore, we take the time to extensively prepare you for appeals hearings. We help you focus on how arthritis prohibits you from working, so you can show the SSA that you indeed require financial assistance.

Providing the Support You Need

We understand that arthritis is a painful condition that can prevent you from having meaningful and gainful employment. Unfortunately, the SSA does not always agree. If you or a loved one has arthritis and was denied disability benefits in the original claim, we can help.

At the law office of David Dopkin, Attorney at Law, we are committed to providing the skilled advocacy and support you need to qualify for SSD or SSI benefits. Contact us today to discuss your disability with an experienced and committed Social Security attorney.