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Photo of David Dopkin

Over 50 Disability Claims

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Individuals who are under 50 years of age are only eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if they are unable to perform any work whatsoever on a full-time basis. However, once a person reaches the age of 50, the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes into account the difficulty for someone of this age to transition into a different type of work.

At the Houston, Texas, law office of David Dopkin, Attorney at Law, we have extensive knowledge and twenty years of experience handling Social Security Disability (SSD) claims. If you have been denied benefits in your initial application in an over 50 disability claim, we can provide you with the guidance and advocacy you need throughout every stage of the appeals process. Contact us today for a free consultation with Attorney Dopkin regarding your need for care and financial support through SSD.

Beginning at the age of 50, SSA takes into account vocational issues for claimants in SSD applications and appeals. If your disability makes you unable to do your previous work but you do not have the skills to perform a different job in another vocation, you may be eligible for SSD. We will thoroughly examine your claim, your medical history, your job skills, and your ability to perform in an alternate vocation. We will then advocate on your behalf in your disability claim.

Furthermore, eligibility for SSD benefits becomes easier and the rules become more relaxed in five-year increments thereafter. If you are over 50 and disabled, yet still having difficulty getting approval for the benefits you need to help sustain your care and your livelihood, you need a committed advocate to represent your interests. We will not back down until all avenues have been exhausted.

Even if your disability itself is not enough to get your disability claim approved, your age, education, and work history may help you get the Social Security Disability benefits you need. You can trust us to pursue your claim as far as it can be pursued with confidence and skill. Contact us today to discuss your over 50 disability claim with a committed client advocate. We handle all disability claims on a contingency basis—you do not pay a fee unless we win your claim.