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Should I Work?

Working While on Social Security Disability

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With twenty years of experience handling Social Security Disability (SSD) claims, there is one question we hear all the time: Should I work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits? The answer varies, depending on the individual’s situation. At the law office of David Dopkin, Attorney at Law, we can provide you with the trusted, knowledgeable legal guidance and support you need.

If you have questions regarding your ability to work or your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits, contact our Houston, Texas, law office today. We provide free office consultations, telephone consultations, and claim evaluations. All Social Security Disability cases are handled on a contingency basis—we do not charge a fee unless we win your claim.

If you are fully capable of working and holding a full-time job, then you should work. It will pay better than Social Security benefits. A Social Security Disability claim should be treated as a last resort.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) limits eligibility for SSD benefits according to the severity of the disability combined with an individual’s earning ability. We handle many claims on behalf of individuals with severe disabilities who may not be able to work full-time, but can work part-time. Social Security does allow people to work a few hours a week or on a part-time basis as long as the earnings do not exceed what is statutorily allowable. We can advise you on how these rules apply to your situation.

The Social Security Disability appeals process can be drawn out over many months. Your needs do not stop while you are waiting for your claim to be approved. You may need to work part-time if you can. We can help you determine how this will affect your case.

Social Security will not penalize someone based on their attempt to go back to work on a full-time basis. If you believe you are feeling well enough to work again full-time but later discover you are not rehabilitated, you can still receive your benefits. The SSA will only cut off your claim if you are successful and able to remain in full-time work over an extended period of time.

Attorney Dopkin has been a trusted advocate in Social Security Disability-related matters for twenty years. Contact us today for support in the SSD appeals process and knowledgeable legal guidance regarding your disability claim or benefits.