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Filing An SSD Or SSI Claim

Filing Social Security Disability (SSD) Claims

SSD benefits are reserved for individuals who have paid in a certain amount of Social Security taxes over the years. These taxes are usually removed automatically from employees’ paychecks. In addition, individuals must be currently unable to work for at least one year.

If you believe you qualify for SSD benefits, you can file a claim online through the Social Security Administration’s website.

Filing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims

SSI benefits are intended for those who have not worked long enough to pay in a significant amount of Social Security taxes, or for those whose employers did not remove these taxes from their paychecks. SSI is also available to qualifying children. Whether an adult or a child, however, your income must fall below a certain level.

You cannot file an SSI claim online. However, you can request a phone interview and paperwork from the Social Security Administration.

Why Consult A Lawyer For A Social Security Application?

You certainly have the option of filing an SSD or SSI claim on your own. If you have steadily paid in Social Security taxes for many years and now have terminal cancer, for instance, you are likely to be approved. However, many claims are not so simple. A skilled lawyer can help you understand what you should or should not say on your application and how to present your case in the best possible light.

If you have already applied and been denied SSD or SSI benefits, David Dopkin, Attorney at Law, can help. We will act quickly and work diligently to pursue the care, coverage and financial support you deserve. Contact our Houston, Texas, office at 281-407-8026 or send us an email for a free consultation.

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