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SSDI backlog continues to cause problems

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2013 | Social Security Disability

In previous posts we’ve brought both statistics and specific examples of just how difficult and drawn-out the Social Security disability application and appeal process can be. New testimonials and studies have recently come to present an even clearer picture of the ordeal, fundamentally reasserting the value of a Social Security attorney as one works to extract due benefits and support.

This situation which affects the injured and ill in both Texas and across the nation, appears to be only be worsening as more and more baby boomers become injured on the job, economic recovery remains shaky, and the program itself approaches insolvency.

About 750,000 Americans currently await a hearing on account of greatly varying judicial approval rates from state to state. Many, if not most, of these cases are on account of the incredibly complex and expansive demands of the application process, which was deliberately established in the mid-1950s to ward off those who might attempt to take advantage of the system and its benefits payments.

Those suffering from mental-health conditions may be at a pronounced disadvantage, given the internal and complicated nature of their condition(s). Many of the disability application questions and requirements are worded in physical terms.

Perhaps most troubling is the looming end of the entire Social Security Disability program’s funding. For the last three years running the paid out more in benefits than it has collected in revenue and is poised to be insolvent by 2016.

Only broad, federal-level legislation and fiscal policy can solve the central problem of Social Security Disability’s cash flow. However, the rights of an individual to receive the benefits they deserve and have paid in for over the course of their career should not be jeopardized by these more political issues. For a successful application and appeal outcome, a Social Security law attorney can prove to be the most invaluable of resources.

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