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TSA institutes disability assistance offerings

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2013 | Social Security Disability

For those Americans who have suffered the tragic, frequently life-changing onset of a disability, almost every aspect of everyday life can become riddled with new, unforeseen difficulties. Important matters such as caring for family members, fulfilling job duties, and maintaining a positive quality of life are often of primary concern in such cases.

The truth goes much further than that; many not-so-everyday activities, things that many here in Texas take for granted, can become difficult to the point of near-impossible when dealing with a disability. One of these activities, without a doubt, is traveling by air and fulfilling the requisite safety protocols demanded by our nation’s Travel Safety Agency.

In response to video footage of TSA officials mishandling a young boy in a wheelchair that went viral earlier this year, spokespeople from the government agency recently announced the widespread insertion of disability training amongst its staff. The move is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the empowerment of disabled persons, and may make at least one activity more manageable for those with a serious ailment, injury, or condition.

According to the TSA, over 2,600 officers have received specific training on how to assist disabled travelers in their special needs. A number of disability advocacy groups were involved in the training sessions. Those travelers in need of special assistance through the screening process will be able to request assistance either ahead of time via a hotline or on-site when going through airport security.

As we’ve noted in past blog posts, small measures like these can often make a world of difference in restoring accessibility and power to those who have become disabled and who may not only be incapable of working, but also excluded from acts that more able-bodied, healthy people enjoy regularly. Winning Social Security Disability benefits are perhaps the most important of these measures, and the help of an experienced attorney can make such a victory much more likely.

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