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April 2013 Archives

New technology helping to indicate serious medical problems

While some people may be incredibly intune with the inner workings of their bodies, a majority of people are not.  This means that while some people may be able to treat their medical conditions immediately at the onset, others are not as fortunate.  This can especially be a problem for people who suffer from mental disabilities that often times require treatment before serious complications arise. But what do you do if you're among the majority who can not detect the changes in your body before they cause problems?

Knowing your anxiety offers better treatment options

Although anxiety disorders are considered to be one of the most common mental health problems in the United States to date, a majority of cases go untreated. According to recent studies, only about 30 percent of patients even seek treatment for something that is largely considered treatable. Some doctors think that the misunderstanding of a mental health disorder often prevents a person from seeking necessary treatment.

Botox helping people with cerebral palsy move once more

When most people in the state of Texas think of Botox, they think of the neurotoxin protein used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on an individual. And while the drug has seen its share of parody and scrutiny, doctors are giving the injection a face lift of its own by using it for other purposes.

Class action points out flaw in mental health coverage

Residents here in Texas know that there are some negative stigmas that surround mental health conditions. Because of the difficulties associated with diagnosis, and because mental conditions don't always have visible symptoms, many people across the nation look at mental impairments with increased scrutiny.

Autism Speaks calls for congressional mandate on healthcare coverage

When readers of our blog think about autism they not only think about what the disability actually is, but they probably also think about the fact that it is covered by Social Security Disability. But though our Texas readers know this information, many other families across the rest of the nation may not. And with many insurance companies refusing to cover autism under their plans, many families are finding themselves in financial hardship with little way out.