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May 2013 Archives

VBA report shows large number of disabled veterans in Texas

In Texas, we like to do things big.  But when it comes to the number of disability beneficiaries, that's likely something that we'd rather do small.  Unfortunately, as of 2011, close to 300,000 veterans were receiving disability benefits because of debilitating injuries or mental health conditions, according to the Veterans Benefits Administration.  And with current projections on the rise, who knows what that number will grow to in a few years time.

Legally blind Texas teen inspires many with pole vaulting success

If there is any one thing in lives that we take for granted it's our sight. Only when it's taken away do we realize just how important it is navigate through our daily lives. Try telling that to one 15-year-old Emory teen who is not only legally blind but is doing things most sighted people couldn't even dream of achieving.

Should Medicare be monitoring doctor in network more closely?

Some people here in Texas may remember the case of the Webb family back in 2008. Shortly after placing their 79-year-old family member in a Fort Worth nursing home for rehabilitation on her back, the elderly woman was prescribed a lethal dosage of pain killers from which she later died. The family sued in 2008, at which point the doctor admitted to prescribing her the dosage despite being told to reduce it.

Life-threatening allergies lead to use of remote-controlled robot

Often times, people with disabilities here in Texas learn about new or existing impairments by hearing stories out of other states across the nation.  A recent story out of New York this month is teaching people across the country about the difficulties people with severe allergies face everyday and how they are dealing with their serious disability.