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June 2013 Archives

Government invests in brain injury research for injured soldiers

While most people here in Texas think about brain injuries as being a result of a fall or serious car accident, some would be surprised to learn that brain injuries can occur from other reasons as well.  Ask any soldier and they'll tell you that exploding bombs and flying shrapnel are leading causes for brain injuries overseas and require just as much care and attention as one received back home.

Do you have financial security after the SSD fund runs out?

As many of our readers here in Texas have already heard, the government is scrambling to put together a budget that will save the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund from running out in 2016. Although the federal government assures that it will be able to pay out a majority of benefits to the million of Americans currently on the system, they warn that they will be doing so at a 20 percent reduction, meaning less money in the pockets of disabled workers across the nation.

Gov. Rick Perry signs law to protect veterans with service dogs

When it comes to recognizing whether a person has a disability, most people in the state of Texas think that if a person looks healthy then they must be healthy. But this isn't always the case, especially for people with mental conditions. That was where one Iraq War veteran ran into trouble after he was kicked out of a San Antonio store. His story is a perfect example this week of why you can't always judge a book by its cover.

Society's fear of mental illness worries one Houston mom

In the wake of so many gun-related killings in the last few months, the nation's attention has not only turned toward gun safety but toward mental illness as well. But with the already existent negative stigma surrounding mental illness, the continued media attention on these shootings is creating an even more powerful bias against people suffering from these mental conditions.