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August 2013 Archives

Autism and disability benefits: what are the criteria?

There is perhaps nothing more difficult for a parent than to see their child struggling or suffering. Although many parents do their best to be there for the children through all the ups and downs of their life, parents of disabled children often have even more challenges to conquer.

Texas mother fights to get schizophrenic adult son into facility

The mother of a severely schizophrenic 41-year-old man is fighting to have her son admitted to a mental health facility after months of being bounced around between hospitals and jail. Her main concern is that her son is not getting the treatment he needs for his mental condition even though she and her ex-husband, who currently have legal guardianship over their son, are requesting he receive treatment at a state facility.

CTE found in another professional athlete

A new degenerative brain disorder, mostly found in professional athletes who have suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries, has found its way into the headlines once more after an autopsy revealed the disorder in former NFL quarterback Cullen Finnerty just this month. Although his official cause of death was due to a case of pneumonia, doctors believe that the degenerative brain disorder could have aided in the footballer's death.

Filing a disability claim, not as easy as some may think

Because of the complexities of the Social Security Administration, we don’t fault our readers for having numerous questions when it comes to filing disability claims. As some of our readers may have already discovered from filing claims of their own, sometimes even SSA workers are not familiar with all of the rules and requirements involved in the system.

Death of Kidd Kraddick brings awareness to heart disease

In the Dallas area, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t know the name Kidd Kraddick. A beloved radio personality, Kraddick died at age 53 while at a charity golf tournament. A Jefferson Parrish Coroner explains that Kraddick’s heart had become enlarged, with three vessels diseased at the time of his death. While tragic, his death is certainly bringing attention to heart disease and its debilitating effects.