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September 2013 Archives

Scientists find balance issues more prevalent in elderly

Most people, when they trip or lose their footing, they hardly think about how their body reacts to this change in balance. But it’s something scientists and researchers across the nation have been considering lately and they believe they may have discovered a way to help prevent injury-causing falls in the future.

Are the needs of disabled veterans being met?

Over the last several months, there has been a lot of talk about the delays in benefit administration for injured and disabled military veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently has a very large backlog of disability claims, which has left many vets waiting for critical financial support.

Non-English speaking applicants file class action against SSA

A surprising class-action lawsuit out of California this month may have peaked the interest of some people here in Texas as well, especially those who may be immigrants filing for Social Security disability benefits and may need an interpreter to do so.

Medal of Honor recipient speaks out about seriousness of PTSD

Many people here in Texas are familiar with the bravery and courage associated with serving in the United States’ military branches. But they also know that with that bravery comes the stereotype that a soldier can never be weak. It’s because of this that many soldiers do not seek help for mental health conditions, especially when it comes to post traumatic-stress disorder.