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Work-related accident in Texas leaves worker with back injury

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

Getting hurt on the job is a concern among a lot of people here in Texas because it’s fraught with a lot of unknowns. Will your injury prevent you from going back to work? How long will you remain injured? Is it temporary or permanent? If you’re forced out of work, how will you be able to subsidize your income? Getting the answers to these questions can not only help determine whether you seek workers’ compensation benefits through your employer but whether you need to apply for disability benefits down the road.

These are certainly things one industrial worker may be considering after a work-related accident left him with an injured back. With one lower back surgery already down and another scheduled in the future, he may be wondering how he will be able to afford his medical costs if he is unable to work.

The man sustained the injury on a ship here in Texas after he was asked to lift a set of heavy valves without help from another worker. Currently, he is seeking compensation from his employer for his injuries, but what happens if his injuries force him out of work? What if his injuries turn into a physical disability down the road?

Readers of our blog may suggest that he apply for disability benefits if this ends up being the case. Our readers know how difficult it can be to suffer financial difficulties because of a decreased income and how helpful SSD can be when used to offset medical costs. While its unknown if the man in this case will pursue this option, it’s definitely something worth considering, especially if his injury persists for an extended period of time.

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