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December 2013 Archives

Feds keep focus on adding workers with disabilities to workforce

Last week, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management reported that the federal government succeeded in adding workers with disabilities to its workforce in the 2012 fiscal year. In fact, the addition of 16,653 employees with disabilities last year brings the level of such employment to its highest point in recent decades.

SSA now processing claims of surviving spouses of same-sex unions

The Supreme Court of the United States made history last summer when it ruled that the definition of marriage under federal law was unconstitutional. Not surprisingly, this momentous decision left officials with the Department of Justice very busy, as they suddenly had to review existing policies and procedures at the nation's many federal agencies and make the necessary amendments to ensure compliance with SCOTUS' decision.

Safety first this season says Memorial Emergency Center

It has begun; more and more houses are popping up with festive lights circling tree trunks, filling branches, lining fences, covering bushes and tracing roof lines. There are even a few plastic Santas and wire reindeer “making noise” up on the rooftop of many houses. These decorations bring joy and help spread holiday cheer, but emergency department doctors warn homeowners in Houston to take care while putting them up.

Change in population, not fraud, raises number of SSD claimants

The matter of Social Security disability payments has been highly politicized. But what it comes down to is, at the center of each SSDI case is a person. It might be more than an injured or sick worker, actually. There might be a family behind a disability claim that needs help in a difficult time and/or economy. 

CDC finds more kids being diagnosed with ADHD

It can be understandably difficult for parents to learn that their child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In fact, they find themselves experiencing very legitimate concerns about the long-term wellbeing of their child and about how they can cover the expenses associated with this condition.