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February 2014 Archives

Study: Disability risk goes up with every hour spent seated

The unfortunate reality for millions of workers across thousands of fields here in the U.S. is that their jobs require them to be sedentary for prolonged periods virtually every day. To illustrate, consider that a call center employee has to spend hours in a desk chair answering calls, a dentist has to spend hours seated on a stool treating patients and a pilot has to spend hours seated at the controls of the airplane.

Study looks at fibromyalgia pain from teen to adult years

There is still a lot that is yet to be known about fibromyalgia. At this point, doctors are not even 100 percent sure on what causes the syndrome that can leave people in physical pain and fatigued. However, for those with fibromyalgia -- while many of the specifics are yet to be known -- those with the syndrome know just how real the pain can be.

PTSD diagnosis has prison guard seeking disability benefits

In today's post, we'll take a closer look at a very interesting case out of the state of Illinois concerning one man's quest for disability benefits after being diagnosed with a very serious mental condition that has compromised his ability to perform the job he has held for several years.

SSA report finds mental disorders are leading diagnostic group

People who are generally unfamiliar with the Social Security Disability program more than likely have many questions about how the system works and what they have to do to secure benefits. Unfortunately, many of these people may also have more than just questions, they may have certain misapprehensions.