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March 2014 Archives

Lower back pain now the leading cause of job disability

Even though many of us have experienced some degree of lower back pain during the course of our lives, we may not have a real appreciation of just how serious and debilitating this type of injury can prove to be for many people.

Study finds high disability rates among young stroke victims

There is no disputing that many people will see their lives turned completely upside down following a major stroke. That's because in the blink of an eye they may find their physical movements limited, their speech impaired or even their cognitive abilities weakened.

Federal bill assists Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries

In order to receive Supplemental Security Income, beneficiaries or their families must meet a strict set of financial requirements. Namely, this is a program for individuals with qualifying medical disabilities who do not have a significant work record and do not have substantial assets or income. In other words, SSI benefits can provide relief to adults or children living under tight financial conditions.

SSA to increase background checks on representative payees

The nation was shocked by an altogether appalling criminal case involving a scheme to illegally collect Social Security benefits back in October 2011. What made the case in question so shocking was that it didn't involve filing false paperwork or theft of large amounts of money, but rather the unlawful imprisonment of disabled people forced to live in deplorable conditions.