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April 2014 Archives

Study shows how 'every minute counts' in stroke treatment

When it comes to securing treatment for a stroke, most people have a general idea that it's important to get to the hospital relatively quickly. However, a recently published study in the medical journal JAMA reveals that when it comes to stroke treatment, time is truly of the essence.

SSA turning to predictive analytics to fight disability fraud

Earlier this year, people across the nation were stunned to learn about a massive disability fraud scheme in New York City involving retired police officers and firefighters. To date, over 100 arrests have been made, while the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General estimates that the amount of fraudulent benefits taken in the scheme now exceeds $30 million.

SSA suspends controversial collection program

Prior to 2008, the law stated that the Social Security Administration and an assortment of other federal agencies could utilize a program run by the Treasury Department to confiscate federal payments -- i.e., tax refunds -- in satisfaction of outstanding debts that weren't more than 10 years old.

Spinal implant device gives new hope in fight against paralysis

Earlier this week, researchers at the University of Louisville's Spinal Cord Injury Research Center made a truly stunning announcement that some medical experts have hailed as "a milestone" in the area of spinal injury research.

Lawmaker calling for changes to nation's mental health care system

One of the more difficult realities to accept is that many otherwise deserving people who would qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions are often reluctant to apply due to fears that they would somehow be unfairly stigmatized within their communities.