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Living with bipolar disorder may also mean living with depression

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions

Anyone with depression knows it is way more than just being sad or feeling a little down. In fact, for those living with depression, the condition can be downright debilitating, even impacting their lives to the point that holding down a job is impossible.

A recent study also found that depression is not always a standalone condition. Rather, many living with bipolar disorder also have high rates of depression. Anxiety symptoms are also common among many of these patients.

For this study, a team analyzed the features among 740 primary care bipolar patients. Among these patients, moderately severe depression was commonly indicated, and more than half reported having suicidal thoughts. Going by the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale, close to 90 percent also met the criteria for one out of four anxiety disorders. 

This same study also took note that many of the patients reported psychosocial concerns, with 15 percent reporting that they were homeless. Another 41 percent, while not necessarily characterized as homeless, did say they were either staying with another person, or living in a motel, shelter or car, or some other place. 

Overall, in looking at the findings of this study, there are two things going on. No. 1 is that for those with bipolar disorder, also having depression or anxiety is not uncommon.  No. 2 is that many of these people are also in tough economic situations. 

However, for those living with bipolar disorder — and who are struggling to hold down a job — know that those living with depression and/or bipolar disorder may be able to qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. 

An attorney with experience handing these types of cases can help. Even in cases where a claim has been denied, an attorney can share knowledge on options and the appeals process. 

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